Work Requirement Management Service (WRMS), is a technology-driven, community-based approach that ensures compliance and maintains benefits.

According to the USDA, an increase of $1 billion in SNAP expenditures is estimated to increase economic activity (GDP) by $1.79 billion. (February 2018)

The average monthly SNAP benefit for an individual is $134 which is less than $1.50 per meal

Why is WRMS Important

Increasingly, work requirements are compulsory for people receiving benefits in a majority of states. In at least part of 45 states, SNAP recipients who are considered Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDs) are currently limited to 3 months of benefits. To be eligible beyond 3 months, they must complete work requirements that help them search for, obtain, or maintain gainful employment. Many states have or are looking to adopting similar work requirements for Medicaid recipients.

The Process


  • Custom individual profiles inform referrals to appropriate work and volunteer opportunities that can enhance future career advancement


  • Trusted community organizations’ WRMS administrators coordinate the service including completing assessments and assigning individuals to work and volunteer opportunities
  • A network of Community Partners provide the work and volunteer opportunities
  • Client-facing tools including SMS notifications for appointments and deadlines, document management to upload proof of work and volunteering activities, and a simple to use dashboard for self-tracking purposes


  • Hours are reported to the verifying authority (state or county) to demonstrate compliance or initiate sanctions
  • Robust data collection provides valuable demographic information on ABAWDs and reports on outcomes, such as employment and economic impact

Client receives benefits

referred to a WRMS administrator

works with administrator in completing initial intake

goes through assessment, referred to Community Partner

Client &
Community Partner electronically report/validate hours

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