The Disaster Volunteerism and Assistance Service (DVAS) is a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool to record and report disaster volunteer hours for management and match purposes by local organizations. DVAS supports disaster survivors by enhancing access to disaster assistance for families by adding eligibility screening to TBB’s QuickCheck tool.

DVAS streamlines and makes more efficient recording and reporting volunteer hours and donations in communities where a disaster has been declared. Disaster mitigation is a shared responsibility between the Federal government and states in which, for most activities, the Federal government pays 75% of costs and the States pays 25%. It is likely that States are not claiming millions of dollars in volunteer hours and donations.

The service supports disaster survivors—facing losses of property, financial resources, and jobs—receiving efficient and effective assistance at the local level in obtaining resources to help offset their losses.

Why It Is Needed

Tracking Volunteer Hours & Donations is Important

Faith-based and community organizations need a single, easy to use service to track volunteer hours and donations for disaster relief and assistance. For Disaster Public Assistance the tracking is required by federal regulations and policy. The federal rules provide that volunteer hours and donations related to public disaster remediation count as "in-kind" contributions against State match requirements to draw down federal funds. The dollar value of volunteer time and donations "offsets" expenditure of State dollars as match, meaning that State appropriated funds can be used to pay for other disaster relief and assistance.

People Need Help Accessing Disaster Assistance

Many disaster survivors are not accessing disaster assistance supports, services, and resources. Recent hurricanes, floods and fires have underscored the importance of connecting disaster survivors to short-term disaster assistance.

The Process

Tracking Volunteer Hours and Donations

  • Trained, certified staff from participating faith-based and community organizations enter required information about donated volunteer hours, materials, equipment, and other support into an easy-to-use, intuitive mobile-friendly portal.
  • Data entry is guided to ensure compliance with cost-sharing regulations and policies administered by FEMA.
  • Reminders sent to designated staff to collect and forward volunteer hours and donations each month.
  • The State aggregates volunteer hours and donations and submits them to the Federal government.
  • Audit trails and certifications spanning multiple levels (volunteers, nonprofit sponsors, and governments) support regulatory compliance.

Enhancing Access to Disaster Assistance

  • Screening functionality for federal and state disaster assistance programs added to TBB’s existing QuickCheck tool.
  • Assesses potential eligibility for disaster assistance programs for specific households based on criteria such as insurance coverage, types of damages incurred, and the ability to meet basic needs.
  • Based upon the assessment outcome DVAS provides direct links to relevant online applications and produces a document outlining next steps in applying for the disaster assistance clients may be eligible to receive.

Our Approach

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