Crisis to Choice® is a client-focused tracking and outcome measurement service that supports multiple providers. It is designed to ensure that clients are better supported in obtaining all the services and resources they need to move from the Crisis of poverty to the point at which they are able to make real Choices in their lives.

C2C streamlines and makes more efficient referral processes for on-site and external providers as well as tracking those referrals to generate outcome data.

The Service supports a mobile responsive, touch-screen ready interface. Case manager and clients are able to view their accounts and access tools and features on a phone, tablet or computer.

Why It Is Needed

Individuals and households have available to them many resources and services to support them as they transition to greater stability. The challenge is identifying the services they need and being aware of how to access them. A further challenge is for individuals, households, and the professional organizations that serve them to coordinate services across a continuum of care and to assess needs, then measure and report meaningful outcomes.

Key Features


  • Agreed upon standard intake form supported by a client self-assessment tool
  • Client profiles tied to a household profile, with a single head of household identified as the primary point of contact
  • Streamlined, valid and reliable assessment tools that identify the client’s most critical needs
  • Web-based access to client and household records for case managers and clients
  • Previous collected information imported prior to intake


  • Identify client-specific curated resource providers who receive referral notifications and have the ability to seamlessly report attendance and outcomes
  • SMS notifications and reminders sent to clients immediately or on a specified date regarding appointments and deadlines
  • Document upload with particular documents triggering events and notifications for the client and/or case manager


  • Self-assessment tool presented to clients based upon events, e.g. intake, completion of an activity, and/or time, e.g. monthly, in order to track client perception of changed family circumstances
  • Client information collected in a way that it is easy to run reports and analyze client outcomes
  • Individual and aggregated longitudinal data reports based upon repeated assessments will be available

Service Segments


Re-Engaging Youth


Young Children and Families

Social Determinants of Health

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