Philadelphia, Pa., February 4, 2019—Communally, developer, owner and operator of The Benefit Bank® (TBB) announced today the launch of its 2018 tax service. The completely free service annually assists close to 40,000 low- to middle-income individuals and families in completing tax returns.

This year has seen the most significant and involved set of federal changes to tax forms and calculations in the 14 years of The Benefit Bank tax service. Work has been underway on these changes since Spring 2018 but release was hampered by a series of delays in the release of complete information from the IRS and further exacerbated by the government shutdown in January.

“Our number one commitment to our tens of thousands of users is to provide an accurate and reliable service”, said Christopher Jacobs, CEO of Communally.

The Benefit Bank tax service is available through partner organizations in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. All individuals in the U.S. can use the federal tax service through TBB’s self-service mode.

As a reminder, by law, the IRS cannot issue refunds to taxpayers claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) before mid-February.

In 2018, TBB’s tax service assisted nearly 40,000 clients in completing tax returns and claim over $67.2 million in refunds. This includes nearly 11,700 clients claiming an average of $1,750 in the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

About Communally 

Communally, the antipoverty technology company, is a Philadelphia-based, Public Benefit Corporation whose mission is to assist low- and moderate-income individuals and families move from the Crisis of poverty to being able to make real Choices in their lives. Communally combines innovative technology, public policy expertise and community outreach to deliver uniquely successful cloud-based services under The Benefit Bank® name. For more information, visit

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