Communally Debuts Updated Version of MyBudgetCoach

May 02, 2017
May 2, 2017, 5:34 pm

To continue its mission to end poverty through innovative technology, Solutions for Progress (SfP) is pleased to debut an enhanced version of its service the MyBudgetCoach® (MyBC) online financial coaching platform.

“Nearly half of households in the United States do not have a basic financial safety net or adequate financial education,” said Christopher Jacobs, CEO of SfP. “Through the MyBudgetCoach platform, we at SfP are solving that problem, now more than ever, with our new, streamlined version of the MyBC platform. The updated system will better serve its primary purpose of assisting low- and moderate-income families learn the fundamental skills necessary to achieve lasting financial health. We are so proud of the dedication shown by the SfP staff to make this great product an even better tool.”

In its first major systems update since 2012, the MyBC service now showcases a clean and modern interface that better reflects the modernization and streamlined functionality of the product. With the updates, any MyBC counselor or client can access the suite of tools from any smartphone, tablet or device with ease.

“Research has proven that the MyBudgetCoach platform succeeds in helping low- and moderate-income families achieve financial health,” said Peter Rubenstein, Chief Revenue Officer of SfP. “The MyBC tools are the cornerstone of the MyBudgetCoach platform. With the new version of MyBC we enhanced the tools in three significant ways. First, we built new tools that took the best aspects of our previous suite of tools, added features that enhanced core functions and sensibly integrated them with each other. Second, we made certain that each tool provides a high-quality mobile user experience. Finally, we implemented a new design for the tools that eliminated clutter, improved navigation and built upon an already good overall user experience.

The service’s three primary tools have been completely transformed and renamed, transitioning the Goal Tracker to “MyGoals,” the Expense Tracker to “MyExpenses” and the Budgeting Tool to “MyBudget.” These three tools work together to create an integrated experience for the client on their path to achieving long-term financial health.

In addition to the new tools, coaches and clients will be introduced to “Cal the Calculator,” our new MyBC mascot. Cal’s happy or sad face reflects how members are doing on their spending goals.

“User feedback greatly informed the decision we made about how the new tools should function,” said Rubenstein. “SfP’s design and development teams used this feedback to successfully deliver a highly compelling suite of new tools. The results of their work, which we are excited to launch today, give MyBC coaches and clients the most flexible and client-centered online financial coaching platform available anywhere.”

As of March, 2018 the MyBudgetCoach service is longer owned or operated by Communally.

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